Derrick Rose’s Latest Knee Injury Puts A Damper On His Next Payday1 min read

Derrick Rose’s Latest Knee Injury Puts A Damper On His Next Payday<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

Getting the latest Derrick Rose injury update was nothing new for Bulls fans, we’ve become almost numb to it, but Jesus do I feel for that guy. Rose was just starting to string together some great games that would’ve set him up nicely for his pending free agency, all for it to just come crashing down, again. 

It’s fairly safe to say Derrick has played his last game as a New York Knick. Most would say it’s for the better, as his propensity to get his shots before setting up his teammates -Porzingis, most importantly- was a chief complaint amongst Knicks fans this season. But Rose proved he can still be an 18-20 point scorer on a nightly basis, so there’s a still a place in the league for him if he can muster up the strength to make yet another comeback. 

No franchise is going to commit to more than 2 years with him, but he could possibly fetch 2 years/$30M with a team option for the 2nd year. If the Spurs can’t afford to keep Patty Mills, I could see them throwing DRose a bone to see if Pop’s patented rest strategy can keep him on the floor. Or even to Philadelphia as a scorer off the bench, because The Process & The Return are a match made in stationary bike heaven. 

In the big picture, this 4th surgery will just be another segment in the heart wrenching 30 for 30 that will ultimately be made about Chicago’s fallen hero. I’m not afraid to admit it, tears will be shed watching that, and we’ll make sure to remind our kids that #1 was every bit as good as Russell Westbrook back in our day.  


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