Thought Train Thursday: No More Predictions3 min read

Thought Train Thursday: No More Predictions<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

In one recent #ThoughtTrainThursday blog I entertained the possibility that Creighton could possibly reach the Final Four. In another, I claimed that Justin Patton would continue his college basketball career with the Bluejays for another season. As it turns out, Creighton got bounced by Rhode Island in the round of 64 and Justin Patton declared for the NBA Draft. For how often I poke fun at the so-called ‘experts’ in sports media about being incorrect, I am often just as wrong. The heat of my takes will cool down considerably until I inevitably build up unwarranted confidence about another of my favorite sports teams. That’s just the way it is.

Lead With Creed 

There goes Jim, ruining all the fun. LMBF can relate.

Thursday Night is Prime Time 

It was recently announced that Amazon got the rights to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games next season. The $50 million price tag dwarfs the roughly $10 million that twitter paid the NFL last season. I hope that this is the first in a series of moves that Amazon/streaming services make in acquiring the rights to live sports. As a prime subscriber, I would not mind paying extra for a streaming sports package if it meant that I got enough games to the point that I no longer miss having cable.

Amidst ESPN’s declining popularity and layoffs, the mothership’s alienation of its core audience with the network’s inexplicable politicization of sports gives its declining viewership little reason to watch. Sports are supposed to be an escape from the real world, not an extension of it. This move by Amazon gives those that are growing weary of ESPN hope that there is light on the horizon and reinforces the fact that little can be done to supplant live action.

Baseball is Back 

This week, the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, along with the MLB’s remaining teams, set off on the great journey that is baseball season. The start of baseball season signals that summer is close, and amidst the excitement I also feel quite content. Relaxing and watching baseball with the cicadas buzzing is one of life’s simplest and most fulfilling pleasures. LMBF will be along to cover the whole thing.

The first game that I will attend this season is a mere 9 days away, as I will make my way north to Target Field to watch the Twins take on the White Sox over Easter Weekend. My two best friends will accompany me, and I could not be more excited. Paying for 300-level seats and being able to take our pick of box seats in what is sure to be a lightly attended game sure doesn’t hurt, either.

30 Before 30

If I want to complete my goal of catching a game in every Major League Ballpark before I turn thirty, I will have to average 2-3 new parks each summer. I turn 22 this June, and have been to 9 throughout my life. Here are my rankings, in order.

Wrigley Field – though I am quite biased.


Camden Yards – I saw Manny Ramirez hit career home run number 512 from the very last row behind home plate.


Miller Park – Wrigley North. I did not thing that I would be a fan of a domed stadium, but the atmosphere does not suffer one bit.


Target Field – It’s got everything you’d want in a new stadium. Sitting under the massive neon sign is great.


AT&T Park – For a simpleton like myself, watching the fog roll in from the upper deck during a night game was a sight to behold. I also got to see Madison Bumgarner hit a dinger here.


Kauffman Stadium – It would be higher if I had not sweat through numerous 100+ degree games here. If only we were allowed to swim in the fountains.


Old Yankee Stadium – Farewell to the cathedral.


Comiskey/U.S. Cellular/Guaranteed Rate Field – Cheap seats, and I have been thrown two balls here. Thanks, Francisco Rodriguez and Casey Kotchman.

the cell Coliseum – Would not recommend.


See you next week.



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