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Hawks In 7, Book It<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

So Games 1-3 didn’t quite go as expected for the top-seeded Chicago Blackhawks, big deal. This team has looked about as bad as I have seen a Hawks team look in the last decade. Nashville has been dominant and ya had to know that once Carrie Underwood came out to sing the Anthem that the Hawks were in trouble.

Rinne has looked all-world caliber in net and numbers 19, 72, 7, and 15 don’t seem to have realized it’s the fucking playoffs! The issues are abundant and very few things have gone right outside of the period 2 in Game 3.

But, do not fret, Hawks fan. The Hawks will win this series.

We have yet to see this team string together 15 solid minutes of play and they are far too talented to drop 4 in a row. It starts at the dot, Toews needs to get his shit together and recognize that he is the captain and lead by example. Get dirty, chip and chase, work the boards and for the love of GOD put pucks on the fucking net. It is playoff hockey, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU PUT PUCKS ON NET.

I want to see Q load up the top line as well for Game 4, give me 81-19-88 as the top line and give them every offensive zone opportunity you can. The defense needs some inspiration, Brian Campbell is clearly not getting it done. Get someone in there that can make the safe pass, put the puck up┬áthe boards and quickly clear his lines. Doesn’t need to be fancy or cute, just needs to work. Correct those things and a win in Game 4 is in the bag, with that win, it means that we are heading back to Chicago.

Could there be a better place for this team to regroup and realize they are the best team in this conference? I don’t think so. An inspired team behind a group of stuffy rich people who will hopefully get off their asses and cheer for once, should will this team (easily) to a W. Once the Hawks pick up that Game 5 win, all of a sudden it’s 3-2 and a very manageable comeback that this team has dealt with many times before.

Game 6 will be a nightmare for Nashville, Rinne will inevitably revert to his actual self and Showtime will crush the souls of all Preds fans in Bridgestone Arena. I’ll keep the projection modest and say 4-2 final in Game 6. Kaner with a goal, Toews with a goal and an assist and all is right again with the World.

For the sake of the Pred’s organization and the city of Nashville, I hope they don’t see Game 7, because that is cuncel the franchise territory. Cannot wait to get there. The UC will be absolutely raucous and Chicago will ride that energy to a 3-0 win, Crawford will be brilliant and the Hawks will move on to crush another city’s spirits.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya and don’t forget where you heard it first. Jump on the train while you can, because we are full speed ahead.


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