Aaron Hernandez Found Dead After “Apparent” Suicide (Or Was It?)3 min read

Aaron Hernandez Found Dead After “Apparent” Suicide (Or Was It?)<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

Aaron Hernandez, convicted murderer and ex-NFL star with the New England Patriots, was found dead in his prison cell in an apparent suicide early this morning, according to the Massachusetts Department of Correction. This shocking end has happened only five days after Hernandez was acquitted for two additional murders to the one he was serving a life sentence without parole in Massachusetts’ maximum security prison for.

Crazy. I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming, especially considering that Hernandez was just acquitted for two murders (that he almost 100% committed). The news this morning was almost as crazy as originally hearing about Hernandez being investigated for his convicted murder in the first place. To me, this brings the Aaron Hernandez saga around full circle. The details that came out about Hernandez after he was investigated and eventually convicted for his first murder were appalling, as were the details of the two murders that he was just acquitted for. They showed just how twisted and opposite his brain worked in comparison to the rest of us.

He allegedly killed Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player and friend of Aaron’s, over making fun of him for getting a drink spilled on him by two guys, the same two guys that he also allegedly killed but was just acquitted for.


With all of this, it makes me speculate if what the Massachusetts Department of Correction is saying about his death is true. Almost everyone close to him, his family, his friends, and his agent have come out and said that they believe almost 100% that Hernandez could not and would not have committed suicide, especially since he was just acquitted for two murders and was in the process of getting the murder he was in jail for appealed.

Buckle up people cuz I’m about to get real conspiracy theory on your ass. I actually do think that Hernandez killed himself, but that he was forced to. He was just acquitted for two murders and was in the process of getting his first one appealed, so he very possibly could have been set free for killing three people in cold blood for practically no reason. I think a guard with a, while completely wrong and demented, moral high ground didn’t want Hernandez to get off the hook for this and gave Hernandez the idea and told him to do it or he would set some prisoners on him to actually kill him in a much worse manner. I have two big reasonings behind this. The first is that Hernandez could be reasonably and logically labeled as a psychopath. A psychopath is defined as “a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior”, which you could definitely label Hernandez as, with him being completely infatuated with violence and gang culture and killing three people over basically spilled milk. Psychopaths don’t feel any type of emotion, so Hernandez wouldn’t have been emotionally driven to kill himself, especially since he was just acquitted. My second reason is that the report says that he tried blocking the door of his cell, which he could’ve done to prevent possible prisoners being able to come in if my theory about the guard holds true. I know that this is completely out of left field, but so was the news that came out this morning, crazy situation all around.


Crazy situation just got crazier if true, wow.


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