With the #SEERED train going full speed ahead now that the Blackhawks have been eliminated from the playoffs, the LAST thing Bulls fans wanted to see was the news that came out today that point guard Rajon Rondo, who has been playing out of his mind the past two games, is out indefinitely with a broken right thumb.

Completely devastating. Rondo, who was the definition of a cancer to a locker room this season for the Bulls, emerged out of nowhere in the playoffs as a veteran leader and all around weapon: getting to the rim whenever he wanted, dishing out assists like his old self, and overall just taking it to his old Celtics team. His absence is going to be greatly felt, as the Bulls had a thin bench to begin with and are now going to have to lean on MKW and Jerian Grant to lead the backcourt moving forward (not ideal to say the least).

With this, I had decided earlier to put together and eventually posted a short list of free agents that I thought the Bulls should pick up to in any way replace what Rondo was bringing the first two games of the series. I did this without knowing that teams can’t pick up free agents in the playoffs because I am an idiot, so here instead is my list of some of my favorite Bulls who I think would have been perfect replacements for Rondo.

  1. Kirk Hinrich. Captain Kirk. I don’t think we could pick up anyone who is more familiar with the system and the locker room and with more playoff experience, especially against the Celtics. I think he would have been able to come in and provide some of the veteran presence on the court that the Bulls are going to miss now that Rondo is out indefinitely. (He’s also just one of my all time favorite Bulls, would love to see him back in the red and white.)

2. John Lucas III. The Big III is actually still an NBA free agent at 34 years old. He would be nowhere near in playoff shape, but he brought HUGE amounts of swagger to the 10’11-11’12 Bulls. So, bam, he’s on the list.

3. CJ Watson. CJ was one of the biggest pests in the Eastern Conference during his two years in Chicago, hitting some big shots and missing perhaps some even bigger shots. Still one of the best sneaky bench players the Bulls had during this time. He has also been in the news recently for beefing with Floyd Mayweather for being in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend which gives him some bonus points. Bam, on the list.

4. Nate Robinson. Shouldn’t need an explanation, but if you think it does, this should give you all the evidence you need.

5. Andres Nocioni. Best Argentinian player to ever play in the league (better than Manu, don’t @ me).

6. Brad Miller. Not a guard, but the man was a FORCE for the Bulls back in the day. Would bring plenty of attitude to the floor and provide the Bulls even more of a rebounding advantage over the Celtics than they already have. Plus his tattoos are absolute flames.

  1. Mormon Megalodon, Jimmer Fredette. A lot of people forget that Jimmer Taft Fredette even played for the Bulls. The Shanghai Shark superstar would be a perfect fit on the current Chicago team. He can shoot the lights out in contrast to Rondo, can take it to the basket and would be able to hold his own on defense I feel.

Just a reminder that there is always room on the #SEERED train, for both fans and potential (impossible) players. Feel free to comment any of your favorite Bulls players that you think should be on the list. Still Bulls in 4.