Thought Train Thursday: None of Us Have Ever Been Laid (Off)

Amongst a series of layoffs at ESPN that shook the sports world to its core yesterday, Let Me B-Frank remains intact. Thank you for caring, but we made it out of the carnage unscathed and with a newfound motivation to pump out content day in and day out. You’re welcome.

This week’s #ThoughtTrainThursday is home to a slight twist in the ‘creed’, commentary on a Disney subsidiary’s shortcomings, a realist’s perspective on the Chicago Blackhawks, and excitement at the hands of Marshawn Lynch’s return. Let’s get after it.

Lead With Creed 

Thought you’d run into a gorgeous and gravelly voice or one of the funniest TV characters of your lifetime? Well, you thought wrong. This clip is from Assassins Creed, and makes about as much sense as the worldwide leader in sports laying off 100 of its most valuable personalities.

The Mothership is Taking On Water

By now you’ve surely heard about ESPN’s radical cost-cutting measures. The list of names that the network laid off is wide-ranging. As I checked twitter every couple of hours my surprise only grew. Some of the most respected names in the sporting industry are now unemployed. Whether you subscribe to the belief that ESPN has doomed itself due to an adherence to slanted political beliefs, tying up hundreds of millions of dollars in unfavorable TV deals, or a multitude of other reasons, this news is shocking.

I am in the ever-increasing number of sports fans that has grown dissatisfied with ESPN over the years. Gone are the days of watching SportsCenter for hours on end and reading ‘The Mag’ cover-to-cover. I now only tune in for live sports and when 30 for 30 documentaries air. I just wish Stuart Scott was still around.

The Blackhawks Are Not A Dynasty 

Three titles in six years in any sport is a crowning feat. Getting bounced in the first round in consecutive seasons following a championship is not. I thought it throughout May and June last year, and this year will be the same. After having gotten used to watching the Blackhawks consistently play deep into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it is just plain weird that their season ended so unexpectedly abruptly. Playoff hockey will still provide me with countless hours of entertainment for the next month and a half, but it is a damn shame not to have a rooting interest.

Money Lynch Returns

After just a year of retirement, a man who is nearly as exciting off the field as on it will suit up for his hometown Oakland Raiders next season. I really just used this topic as an excuse to post the Marshawn Lynch and Bear Grylls Running Wild episode. If you’ve ever got 40 minutes to kill, there is no better use of your time.


I just hope his pre-game entrance in Oakland is him cruising into Raider Nation on a rogue golf cart, just like his college days.

See you all next week.



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