News came out yesterday that further supports the overwhelming negative opinions of the Chicago Bears’ recent NFL Draft fiasco, the news being that head coach John Fox was apparently left in the dark by GM Ryan Pace on them trading up to get Mitchell Trubisky with the second pick. A number of inside sources have been quoted as saying that “it’s really bad between Pace and Fox”, and that executives across the league are completely blown away at how the Bears front office have been behaving this offseason, with the draft being the tip of the iceberg.

I for one was not a big fan of the Trubisky pick to say the least, and with this recent news about Fox I can’t help but wonder what the hell the Bears are doing. Their draft picks in general don’t appear to make any sense, especially for a John Fox-coached team, which begs the question whether Fox will be in Chicago for much longer. It is hard to even consider a front office being worse than Chicago’s own GarPax ran Bulls, but the Bears’ recent moves are evidence enough for such a claim.