Huge news coming from the Midwest today as it looks like the Valpo Crusaders are leaving the Horizon League and heading to the Missouri Valley to replace Wichita State.

As you can see from the above tweets, there will be a meeting in the next two days or so about the potential addition of Valpo. Earlier it was thought that the Valley would be looking to add 3 new schools, but of late, the decision from the conference was to get back to 10 schools for the time being.

This would be an absolutely massive pick-up for the Missouri Valley, a conference that I thought, if they didn’t pick up a solid mid-major, might die out in the next few years. Valpo is a constant among the mid-major schools and is basketball-centric. While they are not at the level of Wichita State, they will help keep the Valley relevant and from taking a massive step back. I would call this a step up, however slightly it is, for Valpo. The Horizon league is not a bad conference at all, Green Bay, Detroit, among others have put together nice rosters and runs in previous years, but the MVC is a more prestigious and challenging conference for a team of Valpo’s caliber.

Feature Image courtesy of Valparaiso