Day: May 3, 2017

“Significant Change Would Be Hard” For Bulls According to GarPax

Earlier today, Bulls executive vice president John Paxon and general manager Gar Forman held an end of the season press conference at the United Center in Chicago. In summary, because I don’t want to put the miserable burden on anybody reading this to go and try to watch it, GarPax came out and pretty much said that both of their jobs are safe, as well as Hoiberg’s, and that they firmly intend to try to pick up both Rondo and Mirotic’s options to keep them on the team. They also said that they are still open to the possibility...

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Wake Up To Vince Carter’s Best Dunks

Long live the king. Arguably the greatest dunker of all time, Vince Carter, deserves a little love now and again. He may not be playing in China like Stephon Marbury (Starbury > Jordans) but I’d like to think VC could still throw down like this.   Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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