The Cavaliers have quickly gone up 2-0 on the Raptors, barely breaking a sweat in the process. They’ve gotten open 3pt looks at will as LeBron has picked apart Toronto’s defense like a quarterback, and he has not held back in his complete and utter disrespect of the Raptors. Just minutes into the first quarter of game 1, he signaled Kyrie Irving to toss him an alley oop off the backboard.

Later, he decided to gallop into the first row after a foul and faked a sip of beer.


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he basically went through his free throw routine before drilling a three in Serge Ibaka’s face.


He’s passed the point of giving a shit, and it’s incredible. When you’ve reached 6 consecutive Finals and haven’t seen a playoff opponent that can remotely challenge you, I guess it becomes a way of keeping yourself engaged. LeBron has complete control of every game, and he knows it.

It’s amazing the Raptors haven’t done anything about it, considering they have both Serge Ibaka and PJ Tucker on their roster. But until Toronto manages to sneak out a win, they’ll just have to sit back and watch LeBron pick them apart.