Today’s #ThoughtTrainThursday welcomes the return of my favorite TV character’s antics. I am already not looking forward to the watching the Chicago Bears next season, and a lame hype video did nothing to improve the outlook. The good news is that the Cubs swept the Reds, but not without Cincinnati’s manager hatching a conspiracy theory.

Lead With Creed

Everything is Toby’s fault. At least he provided us with a useful mnemonic device at the end there.

More Like Gripe Video

The Bears tweeted a hype video highlighting their Rookie Minicamp at the beginning of the week. I got a banner notification that read “LOOK – Bears post awesome hype video that will already get you pumped for 2017 season”. I rolled my eyes and thought that I might as well waste a couple minutes. Take a look if you’d like, but not if you value your time.

I feel bad for the kid who presumably landed his dream internship in pro sports only to find out that his first task was making a Chicago Bears summer workout look exciting. Granted, the players weren’t in full pads, so there were no big hits to capture. At least show me an acrobatic catch or two, or maybe some spit flying out of John Fox’s mouth. Instead, we get slow-motion clips of (sneaky athletic) receivers chopping their feet and ice being poured into a gatorade squirt bottle.

Watching the Bears the past couple of seasons is like waking up on a Monday, so it’s only fitting that the bland compilation was released on the world’s least favorite day. The Bears’ best offseason move was chirping Aaron Rodgers on Twitter for the Olivia Munn breakup, and they couldn’t even get that right. The tweet was deleted later that day. Is it too early to already be sick of this team?

Cry About it Some More, Why Dontcha? 

The Cubs just completed a sweep of the Cincinnati Reds in a series in which the offense made Reds pitching look downright pitiful. Last night’s contest ended in surprising fashion as Joey Votto was called out on an overturned play at first base. He was called safe on the field, and replay angles appeared to be inconclusive. After the review, however, he was called out and the game was over. Cubs 7, Reds 5. Reds manager Bryan Price was none too happy after the game, and understandably so. The questionable call handed his ballclub its 5th straight loss, but he seems to have thought that something more was at play.

“Now we’re one swing of the bat away from tying up that ballgame,” Price said. “Two teams are trying to win that game. As much as its ‘hail to the Cubs’ and they’re the World Series champs and they’re great, we’re trying to win the ballgame too. Until I see that, I’m going to be more than upset.”

So, how did his slighted Cincinnati Redlegs answer the next time they stepped on the diamond against those divine Chicago Cubs? By giving up 5 runs in the first inning of today’s contest. Look, Price had all the reason to be pissed off after yesterday’s ending. His team’s surprisingly good start seems to have hit a wall (they’ve now lost six straight), and the call extinguished what may have turned into a late-inning rally. Unfortunately, he went about it in the wrong way. The MLB is not all of a sudden rigged – like many claim the NBA is – and the instant replay debate will rage on without an end in site.

A mid-May loss won’t mean a whole lot to a team projected to finish well under .500, and Bryan Price’s comments obviously failed to light a fire under the reeling Reds. Our emotions get the best of us sometimes, and this was one of those times. If you want to play competitive baseball, maybe don’t give up 25 runs on the wrong side of a 3-game sweep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.