The All-NBA teams were released on Thursday, and other than the one guy who didn’t vote for Russ or LeBron for the first team, the biggest losers of the day are the Indiana Pacers! Congrats! Paul George of the Indiana Pacers was left off the All-NBA’s third team in favor of Chicago’s very own, Jimmy Butler, and because of this little omission, Mr. George will lose approximately $70 million dollars from his potential next deal with the Pacers. If Paul had been named to an All-NBA team, he would have qualified for the Designated Player Extension, which was created in the latest collective bargaining agreement, and would’ve allowed Indiana to offer George the largest contract in NBA history, about $210 million over 5 years. But now they don’t have that bargaining chip over other potential suitors for Paul’s services, and now the chances of retaining him look bleak.

Not all is lost, though, for the Hoosier faithful. The Big Baller Brand is here to save the franchise! Now let me explain; Paul George has been rumored to have wanted out of Indiana all season, and this most recent set back might be the straw that breaks the camels back and forces the Pacers hand to get something of value for him before he bolts for greener pastures. In comes the Los Angeles Lakers, the very same Lakers that luckily managed to retain their 2017 first round pick by landing the 2nd spot of the draft. Recent narratives, and Lavar Ball, would point towards the Lakers selecting Lonzo Ball with that pick, but the Lakers’ history suggests otherwise. The Lakers have historically been a star driven franchise, and while Lonzo may develop into that star one day, he is no sure thing. You know who is a sure thing? If you guessed Marquis Teague, you’d be incorrect, but if you answered Paul George, congratulations.

Paul George fits this Laker team much more snugly than Lonzo Ball ever would; taking Ball would ultimately mean trading D’Angelo Russell, and who knows if Magic Johnson and the Lakers FO would be able to get equal value in return for their young PG. New front office exec’s have historically wanted to make a splash in their first year, and I’m sure Magic is no different. A package of the #2 pick, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle would be a nice nucleus for the Pacers to start their rebuilding process.

And the takes we would get from LaVar Ball would be enough to fill ESPN’s garbage talking head programs for weeks. Here’s just a few guesses of what LaVar would have to say about his son taking his talents to America’s heartland:

  • “Big Baller’s belong in the big city!”
  • “None of the Hoosiers could afford ZO2’s”
  • We didn’t wanna play for no Lakers anyways, Magic just scared my boy would be better than him and wouldn’t get no damn AIDS”
  • “Lonzo is the best LB to ever play ball in the state of Indiana”
  • “Bobby Knight is begging to come out of retirement to coach my son!”
  • “I support Mike Pence”
  • “You think Lonzo need Paul George to win the East? My boy could carry these bums to the Finals with Curious George”
  • “Hoosier Daddy? It’s the Big Baller’s that’s ya daddy!”
  • “My son, Lonzo, plays rated R. PG13 is for the kids, this here the NBA”


So for the love of god, please let this happen.