This week Brian and Pete discuss how the Predators landed on a sabre toothed tiger as a mascot, how Manu will handle retirement, and how much it would take for LMBF to become a Mike Glennon propaganda machine. Top 5 this week is the best fake names in sports, inspired by the fake CFB recruit Unique Brissett II and Wilt Chamberlain’s alias.


00:00 The Predators advance

7:50 Spurs are COOKED, the Celtics regain┬ásome life, Manu’s retirement plans

17:54 LMBF’s very own Chuck Wooding was running around spreading “fake news” on twitter

23:08 Top 5 Fake Names, inspired by Unique Brissett II

30:45 Lavar Ball Update

33:42 Tweets

37:47 Stats