Recently ESPN has been under a bit of scrutiny for one reason or another. Growing up, ESPN and SportsCenter specifically were daily rituals filled with top plays, hot seats, and big laughs. Nothing exemplified the true greatness of the programming quite like the”This is SportsCenter” commercials. Usually starring professional athletes in an office setting they later evolved into a highlight of true fandoms and all around an appreciation for the world of sports. The following are my favorites. They are in no particular order until I announce my all-time favorite at the end.


Albert “The Machine” Pujols

Albert Pujols was an absolute beast from the moment he entered the league. Just ask any Chicago Cubs pitcher. The SC team found a new way to explain his dominance.

LT in the Mailroom

Ladainian Tomlinson was one of the first to unveil the tinted visor on the field. It didn’t help him very much in the office though.

Arnold Palmer Making an Arnold Palmer

It seems that the ESPN lunchroom is full of sports legends, none greater than the beverage king himself.

John Clayton Slayer Fan

We have always wondered what John Clayton does with the other 23 hours and 58 minutes of his day.

Swedish Chef in the Kitchen

ESPN brings along a world famous chef to work in the kitchen. If only they could understand him.

Absolute All-time winner*

Boston Deli 

I have never been to Boston so I can only assume this what every deli is like. Booking my flight now…