(Posted on behalf of Charlie Wooding)

Lonzo Ball declines to workout for Celtics, Media Witch Hunt of the Ball’s continues.

If by now you haven’t heard, UCLA’s Lonzo Ball will be declining the opportunity to work out for the Boston Celtics, the holders of the 2017 #1 pick overall. Many in the media are very upset about this because… yeah I’m not sure.

Seriously, what is the big deal about this? Lonzo Ball, like many draft prospects before him, is choosing to skip a team workout.


He has proven his worth in his dominant season at UCLA, and has very little to gain by doing this stupid human vs. chair workouts. And hell, it’s not like he is entirely skipping the process and is “scared of the competition”, he has stated over and over he will work out for the Los Angeles Lakers. He wants to go the Lakers, Lavar has made this very clear, why are people all upset he is taking every step necessary to be a Laker? In what other industry do we get mad at someone if they skip an interview with a company they don’t like, because they already have an interview with their dream company? The dude is GIVING UP millions, his Dad completely endorsed Markelle Fultz as the #1 pick, complimenting his game and saying he’s the right choice at #1. The Ball’s have been nothing but transparent this entire draft process, and have stated on record this isn’t a power play, if the Celtics draft him, he’s playing 2 guard in Boston. So be it.

P.S: Everyone has no problem with Paul George being extremely clear he wants to be in L.A at the end of next year, and he has a current team! He is more or less insulting his current teammates, coaches, etc. by saying he would rather be somewhere else, Lonzo is at least only insulting hypothetical teammates, coaches, etc. that he has never met and never played with/for. Get over it, the Draft is a stupid system designed to suppress wages and diversify the talent, and the Ball’s have made it clear they will game stupid systems (NCAA, AAU, Shoe Companies). UH OH, WELCOME TO BIG BALLER ZONE.