Enes Kanter, center for the Oklahoma City Thunder, now has a warrant out for his arrest in his home country of Turkey. The Daily Sabah, a pro-government Turkish newspaper, reported Friday that the Turkish government has put out a warrant for Kanter’s arrest for allegedly being a member of a ‘terror group.’

Kanter has been rather vocal about his native political views, as he is a known supporter of the ‘Gulen Movement’, a movement said to have been started by exiled Muslim spiritual leader Fethullah Gulen that is widely considered to have been behind the attempted military coup of Turkey last year. All of Kanter’s social media is blocked in Turkey, as the country believes Kanter has been using an encrypted messaging system known as Bylock to spread propaganda, which is a main reason for the arrest warrant. Just last summer, Kanter’s father, Mehmet, published an article in the same newspaper disowning his son for his political views. Kanter was recently detained in Romania after Turkey revoked his passport, but was able to re-enter into the United States from London using his green card. Kanter has since told reporters that he plans on trying to become a United States citizen.

It’s sometimes hard to put into perspective just how lucky we are to have the rights we have given to us by the United States of America. Kanter was completely disowned by his family and put in serious danger by his own native country just because of his beliefs, which seem to be pretty well founded given the current state of Turkey and its government. Kanter’s agent even came out and said that he was almost detained by the Indonesian Army while there for his reputation in Turkey. Hopefully he is able to eventually gain American citizenship and put this ordeal behind him.