#Covfefe Takes America By Storm

It was just a calm, normal Tuesday night in America. Nobody was expecting the storm that would hit the nation with a force that we have never seen before. But the storm came, and it was called Hurricane #Covfefe.


With #covfefe spinning out of control all over twitter, we decided to do a little damage of our own:

And just like that, Donny takes the spotlight again. We laughed when Melania recently slapped Trump’s hand in the Middle East, and in return Donald J. Trump slapped us right in the kisser with #covfefe. Twitter went absolutely BONKERS over a word that I’m sure will be added to the Webster’s Dictionary in the coming weeks. You can’t even script stuff like this, folks. I’m sure Sean Spicer is gonna have a field day tomorrow, as sure as I am that Donny is gonna eat this all this up on his daily 3 a.m. twitter intake on a toilet somewhere in the White House tonight (the “oval office” if you will). #covfefe



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