The Biased Media was at it again, continuing their witch hunt over America’s sweetheart Lavar Ball.

As you can see, America’s worst nightmare, Lavar Ball, was busy being a terrible person this weekend, coaching his son and 13 other high school kids and offering them advice. What a lousy man. What awful message did he send? Well, he suggested his players

  • Leak Out, Which is you know the entire Big Baller strategy, a strategy that led Chino Hills, a previously unknown High School, to an undefeated national title.
  • Quit throwing it away… WHAT A VILLAN!
  • Play some defense and quit worrying about getting dunked on. If you bother to watch the BallIsLife video highlight of the game, that is EXACTLY what these kids did first half. They routinely just got out of the way when the much larger, more athletic opponents attacked the rim. But yeah Lavar is a dumbass and a jerk for suggesting his players stop worrying about getting dunked on and stop giving up easy layups and dunks.
  • Press and play a more entertaining style of basketball and quit worrying about how you look. Yeah, Lavar is for sure the only coach to yell at 16 year olds for trying to look cool and only worrying about how they look. Absolutely.

And hey, if you bothered to add some context, Lavar’s team, the BIG BALLERS, is LaMelo Ball and a bunch of non D1 recruits. Their opponent, the Compton Magic, is the best AAU team in California, sponsored, and has multiple high major D1 recruits on the floor at all times. But yeah, losing 109-57 to them is PEAK Lavar Ball. If you mean by challenging his team to play hard and forcing them to play above their competition level than yeah I guess you’re right, peak Lavar Ball.