LMBF Rankings: Baseball Announcing Crews3 min read

LMBF Rankings: Baseball Announcing Crews<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

With Vin Scully turning off his mic for the last time there is an open spot for the top announcing crew in baseball. I, by no means have been able to give every crew a listen, but I have watched enough baseball over the years to get a sense of who the top dogs are. The following are my rankings for the best announcing crews in baseball today.

5. Steve Stone and Jason Benetti

My apologies to the Hawk Harrelson faithful, but the crew is better without him. Stone is the baseball guru that somewhat lacks personality. Benetti brings that fire and then some with a powerful voice and a superb knowledge of the game. Together they put forth a really solid broadcast. If Benetti had some of the Hawk passion and bias this crew would be in my top 3 for sure

4. Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies

My Cubs bias comes through a bit here but these guys are great in their own goofy way. Len has a top 5 home run call while still remaining somewhat neutral. JD is an absolute goof that doesn’t take himself too seriously. He also brings a perspective of a solid major league pitcher to the table which never hurts. If Bob Brenly was still part of the team they would also crack my top three but no one can blame Bob for switching to the Arizona team.

3.  Gary Thorne and  Jim Palmer

After playing many years of NHL video games it’s hard not to get excited when the random Orioles game is shown on tv. He has that old school, almost fake, voice that really amps up when Machado goes yard. He is often joined by Oriole great Jim Palmer who really gets into the team’s success. I only hope that by the time Buck Showalter retires as manager, he heads up to the booth to join the rest of the crew.

2. Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh

Thom Brennaman’s voice is infinitely recognizable as they have been at it for years. Joined by one -year Red Chris Welsh they are tasked with keeping a great baseball town informed and entertained. Joining them occasionally is MLB journeyman Jeff Brantley who adds, even more, player perspective. It’s unfortunate how much the Reds have stunk as of late or we would have heard much more of these guys.

1.Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper

These two are the most dynamic and entertaining duo in the country as they grace the bay area with superb calls and a ton of sarcasm. I am not joking when I say I fall asleep to these guys calling the late home games. This is not because they are boring but because they are relaxing. Their spot at number one has a lot to do with my nostalgia as they were the announcers for the MVP baseball video games in the early 2000’s. With that being said I dare any of you baseball fans out there to try to not crack a smile throughout their broadcast. It is not possible.


Was your favorite crew left out? Give me an earful in the comments


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