SHOW ME THE MONEY! This Sunday the WWE Universe will be treated to its second best PPV, Money in the Bank. The winner of the 6-man ladder match will have the opportunity for a title shot at any moment. The champion, Jinder Mahal, has the prized belt, but a timely cash-in could change that. This year the contestants are AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Dolph Ziggler. The following is each superstars’ chance of hoisting the golden briefcase and how that would impact the overall story.

Baron Corbin

Let’s face it, this is not a match made for big guys. Climbing the ladder requires a lot of speed and agility and his overall size is neutralized by the constant threat of a big fall. Look for Baron Corbin to body the other wrestlers in the beginning and to get a couple fingers on the case. He will most likely come up short by means of a punch off at the top of the ladder by one of the other 5 contestants. A win for Baron Corbin would yield the most boring cash-in candidate in recent memory and a rivalry between him and Jinder really does not make sense.

Kevin Owens

The second big guy has the championship pedigree on his side but does he have the luck? It is not wise to have a long-standing rivalry going into this match and the Owens/ Zayn feud may result in both superstars focusing on each other instead of the than the actual prize. A Kevin Owens win would not be the worst thing for the title as he can work with just about anybody.

Sami Zayn

For years Sami’s fans have wondered when his big chance will come. My answer is probably never but this match is his best opportunity to get in the mix. He has the perfect skill-set for this match but his history with Owens could be fatal. Sami Zayn is constantly getting the snot beat out of him in the ring but somehow stealing a victory. Look for this to reappear in the match as a broken Zayn crawls up the ladder late in the match. I would not mind Zayn being Mr. Money in the bank as he brings a bit of an unpredictable nature to the table. This was something we thought we would see last year with Ambrose but a lame same-day cash-in occurred.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph has the advantage of experience in this type of match. The announcers will be quick to state that he has won this match before and he can do it again. Dolph will have to pull out all of his old tricks to make this happen but I can easily see Baron Carbin taking him out late in the match. A Dolph win would be great if it is anything like his last cash-in. Many see Dolph’s previous cash-in as the biggest “pop” of any WWE crowd when he beat Del-Rio on the last day before the contract expired.

Shinsuke Nakamura

A talent like this does not come around very often. With that being said this kind of talent does not need the gimmicky title guarantee to earn a title shot. Let’s be real, the ultimate match is AJ v. Nakamura at Wrestlemania and it is just too early in the year to start setting this up. A Nakamura win would still be great for the SmackDown brand but it is just not ripe this time around.

AJ Styles

My pick to win it, AJ has it all. He is a former champion, the best talent on the roster, and excellent on the mic. If I had it my way the rest of the year would go as follows. 1. AJ becomes Mr. Money in the Bank 2. Jinder loses to John Cena at Summerslam (stay with me folks) 3. Nakamura wins the Royal Rumble 4. Nakamura and Cena begin WrestleMania rivalry 5. Styles cashes-in 2 weeks before WrestleMania. 6. Best match ever. In order for this dream scenario to happen, I will be pulling for the Phenomenal One!