Dwight is packing his bags and shipping up to Charlotte! From his own twitter account it looks as though Superman was a little blindsided by the news

He’ll be fine though, I’m sure, he has to have a local baby mama he can stay with somewhere near the area.

I love this deal for the Charlotte Hornets, considering that it will break up the glut of tall caucasians that His Airness has been accumulating on the Hornets for years now. Dwight has become a joke in NBA circles but the guy is still an elite rebounder who will do wonders for Coach Clifford on both sides of the glass. If someone in the organization *cough¬†Michael Jordan cough*¬†manages to get it through Dwight’s thick skull that his offseason focus should absolutely¬†not be 3pt shooting, then he should fit in just fine. But if not, expect Air Jordan to make his way down into a few practices and completely verbally undress Howard, much like he did to Kwame Brown during their short and tumultuous time spent together in Washington.

Moving our attention to Atlanta, I’m not exactly sure what their master plan is anymore. Their best player, Paul Millsap, is a free agent and is set to receive a plethora of lucrative offers from NBA teams across the league, and they just sent a clear message that they are not trying to compete next year. If Millsap ends up walking this summer, Atlanta will have lost Teague, Korver, Horford, Howard and Millsap in the span of 2 years for essentially nothing. They are a far cry from the 60-win darling led by Coach Bud that took the league by storm just a few years

ago. Attendance at Hawks game is already rough when they’re actually winning games, so this year may be a dismal one for the few Atlanta faithful. The solution? Bring back Iso-Joe and Josh Smith, and hire Migos as the PA Announcers. Sure they’ll probably win 15 games, but I

would pay hundred of dollars just to hear the ad-libs Migos would come up with after every made basket. MOMMA!