University of Illinois athletic director Josh Whitman revealed on Tuesday that the university plans to change their previously announced $135 million dollar Memorial Stadium renovation project, which has now been postponed. Illinois now plans to spend only around half of that and begin construction in early 2018 to be completed by 2019.

Why Illinois is even spending any amount of money on football related renovations, let alone HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS like they were originally gonna do is beyond me. Illinois football is arguably the worst team in the Big 10 besides Rutgers (who might be one of the worst football teams in the country), and the state as a whole is one of the poorest in the country, with the budget crisis substantially threatening public universities like U of I, and yet they still decide to spend millions of dollars on the same bad football team that doesn’t look like its going to get any better, Illinois being perhaps the worst state school in the country in regards to recruiting their own kids not doing them any favors. But they hired ex-Bears coach Lovie Smith for $21 million dollars so they should be just fine, right!?! The only thing that can bring back Illinois football is for guys like Juice Williams and Jeremy Leman to throw the pads back on.