With rumors swirling that Bulls star Jimmy Butler is involved in trade talk, let’s take a look inside the brain of the man pulling the strings, Gar Forman. With Dwyane Wade making it clear that he will not be around for a rebuild, the Bulls potential trade of Jimmy ensures Wade will decline his $23+ million option and pursue other options via free agency. Hypothetically, let’s say a trade is made for Butler and the Bulls lose both Buckets and D-Wade, here are Gar’s top choices to fill those voids.

#1 Amar’e Stoudemire

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Fresh off an Israeli Basketball League title, Amar’e brings a championship mentality to a team that has lacked exactly that since the MVP days of Derrick Rose. Stoudemire also fits GarPax’s mold of “young and athletic” joining forces with Rajon Rondo and Niko Mirotic. Amare helped his squad Hapoel Jerusalem, a team which he both co-owns and plays for, both on and off the court to a title. If there is an organization who could use some help at the top, it is Chicago. Amar’e almost makes too much sense.



#2 Jimmer Fredette

Image result for jimmer fredette bulls Where is Adidas when you need them? Chicago NEEDS a #TheReturn commercial for the Mormon Megalodon. People forget that Jimmer once suited up for the Bulls in 2013-14 for a total of 8 games. It was a sad run that was ended too soon. But now, after tearing apart the CBA (Chinese League) to the tune of 37.6 points, 8.2 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.6 steals per night, Fredette looks primed to make a return to the NBA. He immediately solves a key issue for the Bulls which is a long-range shooting to help spread the floor. I can already see it now, a lineup of Cam Payne, Jimmer, Niko, Bobby, and Amar’e out there tearing up LeBron and the Cavs.


#3 Chris Bosh

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Former All-Star who has sat out the last few seasons with blood clot issues, Chris Bosh is another piece to Gar’s championship puzzle. Bosh plays a great stretch game and can really become the focal point of the offense if given the keys. He and Rondo would surely be one of, if not, the most talented guard-forward combos in the league. He again fits the “younger and more athletic” mold that Gar has put in place and will surely be in basketball shape after 2+ years off with a life/career threatening condition.


#4 Glen Davis

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The Big Baby, Glen Davis is the fourth and final go-to option for Gar in his look to rebuild the Bulls into a winner. Davis has experience playing with Rajon Rondo, which is key to make your superstar point guard comfortable. He was a 4-year college player, which checks off a huge need for GarPax. And with his big frame, he would add loads of versatility and athleticism to the Bulls 4/5 position that they haven’t had since the Carlos Boozer days.






We will never truly know what is happening inside the mind of NBA whiz Gar Forman, but we can at least take a couple guesses and sadly, everything I’ve mentioned above is not completely absurd for this man. Whatever the Bulls do this offseason, he is almost certainly going to screw it up.