Jordan Spieth hit an ALL-TIME shot from the bunker on 18 to win the Travelers yesterday, and celebrated accordingly:

His long time friend and fellow golfer Justin Thomas called the winning shot on Twitter just moments before Spieth hit the tourney-winner:

Golf desperately needs more heroics like this. Sure, golf has the Masters, the Opens, the Ryder Cup: all fantastic tournaments played at beautiful and historic courses. Unlike golf, however, every other major sport has both the beauty and history with incredible thrills and heroics to match (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, hell you can even throw soccer in there, these two incredible goals come to mind):

Golf is just missing the heroics, plain and simple. There is no real excitement when it comes to most golf matches. Even when one rarely goes into a playoff nothing ever on the degree of Spieth’s heroic shot from yesterday ever happens. I guess one could make the argument of that is exactly what make’s golf so great, but such an argument would be seemingly biased and most definitely from a golf purist. Golf NEEDS more shots like Spieth’s, like Tiger’s chip shot from the ’05 Masters, like Phil’s ’10 Masters shot. While being able to go out on the course and play a relaxing round is what makes golf great, incredible game winning shots like Spieth’s is the stuff that moves the game forward.