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10 Fun NBA Free Agency Fits<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">5</span> min read</span>

The Chris Paul To The Rockets Trade got NBA silly season started right, and starting July 1st things get real drunk with unrestricted Free Agency. Here are 10 UFA’s who could shake things up by signing with these teams. Lets make the NBA Great Again!

10. J.J Reddick- Philadelphia 76ers

Reddick is supposedly as good as gone from Los Angeles, and his top suitors appear to be two east coast squads, the 76ers and the Nets. While the Nets are doing their best to get out from underneath that awful Danny Ainge robbery, they still are a pretty boring team with no real chance at contention these next 5 years. The 76ers on the other hand are the complete opposite, a very intriguing team with a real shot at Eastern Conference contention if they stay healthy. Their one clear need though is shooting from the 2 guard spot, and Reddick can step in and be the Nik Stauskas replacement, shifting Nik to a bench role. A Fultz-Reddick-Simmons-Covington-JoJo lineup would be adequately spaced to allow Simmons to do his thing, and a bench with Dario Saric coming off of it would pack a real punch. TRUST THE PROCESS!

9. Andre Igoudala- Milwaukee Bucks

Iggy is supposedly courting suitors who want to damage the NBA Champions, and that in itself is already a fun move. The Warriors need drama. Anyways, the Bucks are in danger of losing their wing defender-3 point threat Tony Snell, which is a weird sentence to write. They need a veteran champion presence in that locker room to help take them to the next level, so what if they move some money around to bring Iggy over on a huge deal? A Giannis-Brogdon-Iggy-Jabari-Thon-Middelton-Monroe-Delly playoff rotation would really offer some incredible defensive versatility and their regular season matchup vs. the Dubs would be incredibly interesting.

8. Serge Ibaka- Phoenix Suns

Serge isn’t quite the marquee guy that landed Oladipo and the 11th pick last year, but he still should command 15-20 million from a team and bring them a veteran who can stretch the floor AND protect the rim, which makes him a perfect modern NBA 4. The Suns have the makings of a nice lineup on both ends with Bledsoe-Booker-Jackson and Tyson Chandler, but Marquesse Chriss is simply not ready to start at the 4. They have the Cap Room, why not bring Serge over?

7. Danilo Gallinari- Sacramento Kings

The Kings finally seem to have a direction! Now lets screw it up on big win now free agency deals!! I guess the Kings are committed to spending $ this Free Agency, so be it. If they are going to do it, lets at least get them a nice stretch 4 whose defensive weakness can be shielded by WCS and fits in with their current roster very well. A Fox-Hield-Jackson-Gallinari-WCS lineup is a very interesting mix of shooting and great defenders (WCS and Fox) and would be a fun young team on NBA League Pass.

6. George Hill- San Antonio Spurs

(AP Photo/Darren Abate)

The Spurs supposedly loved George Hill so much it brought them to tears to trade him for Kawhi Leonard, so lets reunite. The Spurs desperately need an athletic PG who can check the Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook’s of the world, so lets bring in George Hill to replace Patty Mills. A Hill-Green-Kawhi-LMA-Gasol starting 5 surely is the Warriors biggest threat.

5. Jrue Holiday- New Orleans Pelicans

Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

This is boring because he isn’t moving teams, but if you ever want to see the Boogie-AD experiment work they are going to need a PG who doesn’t demand the ball and can space the floor. Jrue Holiday is exactly that, and if he walks the Pelicans done’t have the funds to replace him. Holiday needs to stay in NOLA so we can get that epic CLASH of a 1-8 series of AD+Boogie going up against a Draymond-Durant front line.

4. Paul Millsap- Houston Rockets

I don’t know how the Rockets are going to do it, but they plan on clearing out space for a third star. If they somehow move Ryan Anderson’s deal, replacing him with Millsap suddenly makes them a legitimate Warriors threat. As currently constructed they are interesting but not dangerous, but an end of game 5 of Paul-Harden-Ariza-Millsap-Capela offers an incredible mix of defensive versatility and shooting. That 5 could seriously give the Dubs some trouble.

3. Kyle Lowry- Minnesota Timberwolves

Anything but re-up in Toronto and do what the Clippers finally decided against doing is a win. This Raptors team isn’t getting anywhere, lets try something new. Jimmy Butler is supposedly recruiting Lowry to join him in Minny,and if the T-Wolves can find a taker for Ricky Rubio this could absolutely happen. A Thibs led starting 5 of Lowry-Butler-Wiggins-Dieng-Towns could make a serious push in the Western Conference this year. The Warriors probably don’t lose much sleep over them, but that team can go from lottery to 4 seed in the blink of an eye.

2. Blake Griffin- Miami Heat

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Point Guard Blake Griffin, unleashed. Bringing Blake to Miami and giving him a 5 that can protect the rim in Hassan Whiteside is a great fit, and frankly I’m tired of Clippers Blake Griffin. Miami making Blake the fulcrum of their offense and pairing him with Hassan, Dragic, Winslow and Richardson has the makings of a top 4 Eastern Conference team. Lets do it

1. Gordon Hayward- Boston Celtics

Boring sure, but this is the best bet at dethroning the Warriors not named LeBron James. If Hayward and PG13 make their way to Boston and the Celtics run out a starting 5 of Isaiah Thomas-PG13-Hayward-Horford and a center with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum off the bench we have a legitimate title contender in Boston. That team would have amazing versatility and scoring ability. Its boring, but Hayward to Boston needs to happen.


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