The best and worst part about the MLB HR Derby each year is the speculation of who will be participating. Since 1985 MLB has been running their derby as an extra festivity during the Mid-Summer Classic, and throughout different format changes over the years it is still something people look forward to. Now when I mention the best part of the speculation, I’m talking about when we all fantasize about all of the leagues stars taking part. But as we know, that’s never really the case. Which leads to the worst part. When we have the Brandon Inge’s and the Jason Bay’s of the world, stinking up the joint. Now that can always happen when enough stars decline the invite, here’s to hoping that they don’t. This is my list.


Giancarlo Stanton:

The defending champ, let’s see if he can defend his championship in front of his home crowd. 61 home runs last year at the event. Should be a tall task to top those numbers but the home crowd will be pumped to see it.