Just when you thought the Tour de France has seen its last day in the spotlight since Armstrong got caught with more juice in his blood than actual blood, world champion Peter Sagan pulls a WWF-type move, delivering a flying elbow on rider Mark Cavendish, taking him out of the remainder of the Tour with a broken shoulder blade, and causing a multi-bike crash almost two hundred meters away from the finish line. Sagan has since been disqualified.

If cycling knew what was good for them they would actually promote this type of behavior. If the only headlining news in the past couple years is a rider literally getting off his bike to take a shit, then you know you might need to do a little rebranding. Nothing draws viewers better than a little violence. Why do you think the NFL is one of the most watched events on American television. If the riders were allowed to just go at it on the road I bet the cycling community would rake in a lot more cash. If you are going to suspend someone for a little elbow-action and not the entire field for juicing than you’ve got a good deal of hypocrisy going on in your little sport, cycling. Get your shit together.