How the mighty have fallen. Just a few months removed from talking about how he wants a max deal, Derrick Rose is yet to have been picked up off the scrap heap of remaining free agents.

There are a handful of reasons for this, all of them fairly depressing for the guy who lead our Bulls to a 60 win season in what seems like a lifetime ago. First and most obviously, is injuries; Derrick’s season was cut short yet again by another torn meniscus, which is a real shame because he was having his best year in a long time. That is all relative, though, because Derrick’s talents are incredibly limited at this point in this career, considering that he does not have a 3pt shot, cannot play defense and will need to have the ball in his hands to be remotely effective. That’s all well and good for a 1st or 2nd scoring option, but that is something Rose just cannot be anymore. He could very well be a valuable scorer off the bench for a contender, but with his ego it may not be a role he’s willing to take. Additionally, the market for point guards has essentially dried up, and these reasons, along with the personal baggage, have all combined to keep Derrick Rose of their FA wishlist.

That being said, heres a few options where I think DRose could thrive:

  1. Spurs: If Pop couldĀ bring Derrick off the bench as a 6th man surrounded by shooters it could be deadly. Plus, the “DNP – rest” movement was pioneered by Coach Popovich himself, and Derrick’s knee were made for that kind of playing schedule.
  2. Clippers: I have no idea of the cap gymnastics they would have to go through to make this happen, but Patrick Beverly is an effective off ball player, and maybe Derrick could finish some lobs from Teodosic with some fancy layups and awkward landings!
  3. Timberwolves: BRING THE WHOLE BAND BACK TOGETHER! Those brutal Minnesota winters combined with Thibodeau’s long arduous practices sound like a match made in heaven for Derrick. I can almost hear his cartilage disintegrating now.
  4. Knicks: Nothing would make Knicks fans happier than seeing Rose come back for another season, and take all of Kristaps’ shots.