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Game of Thrones Recap S7:E1<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>


Just like the Cubs are back with Q-Dog, America’s favorite show has made its long awaited return back into our lives. Oh boy was it sweet! We got to see Arya take down a whole house, Sandor Clegane having a spiritual mid-life crisis, and Ed Sheeran????

For real though, Episode 1 of Season 7 absolutely delivered. We picked right back up, postgame with Arya taking out all of House Frey (that faceless stuff will never get old). We got a glimpse into exactly how big and powerful the undead army has gotten, and it is not looking good for the living. Furthermore, back in Kings Landing we had a failed proposal as Euron proposed to Cersei and got shut down. Clegane may be going full on Lew Alcindor and convert over to The Lord of Light. Ed Sheeran makes a cameo?!? When is my boy Conor McGregor gonna show up? Jorah is back and scalier than ever,  Sam has got some big time info for Jon, and Dany is ready to get down to business in her hometown!!!

All in all, just like every episode of Game of Thrones, many characters advanced in the story, lots still to come as well. How will the dynamic between The Lannisters change? Will we have a Clegane Bowl? Will Jon find out he is in fact a Targaryen in the midst of him protecting the realm? (God I hope so!)

Tune in next week for S7:E2 of Thrones, I’ll be here to recap it!


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