I’m going to pull one out of my man @StoolFrederic’s bag of quotes, “Don’t let this team remember they’re World Champions.” Well guess what baseball, this team may have just found their groove after all. After I left them for dead when Lester gave up 60 1st inning runs the last day before the break at home, the boys throw together a 16 win month and the train is rolling once again. I thought we were dead, Theo Epstein went out and brought me Jose Quintana. We were back from the dead, and Theo went out and brought me Justin Wilson and Alex Avila. And now here we are, back in first place with the first half of the season in the rear view mirror.

Now, BIG week. I mean it when I say it, so I’m going to throw the all caps at you one more time, BIG week. Remember the defining moments throughout last season? Remember those moments you cracked another cold one with your buddies for the “Son of a bitch, this team is going to win the god damn World Series aren’t they” discussion? This is another one of those weeks. Arizona and Washington. Two of the best teams in baseball this year that we will for sure see in October. You want to show the world who still wears the crown? You simply come out and smack these teams this week. Let em know who Daddy is. Take both of these at home and then give Dave Roberts the Randy Orton snake eyes and stare straight in to his soul next time you see him.

 randy orton GIF

Have all the Yu Darvish you want. Come Sunday you’ll have a friendly reminder whose league this is. Big Jon tonight, let’s go.