Jeter just keeps on winning huh? Home run for his 3000th hit, walk-off in his last game ever, 14-time All-Star, 5-time World Series Champ, you get the message, he had the sports side covered. You’ve even seen the ESPN graphic of all the dimes he’s had in his day, a smokeshow all-star team if you will. Then he locked up the MVP of said team in Hannah Davis, knocks her up and he’s just rolling onto being a freaking baseball mogul now. Not to mentioned the Hall of Fame will be calling in a few years.

With the announcement of the Marlins sale, Jeter stays king. The group led by the partnership of Derek Jeter and notable NY Businessman, Bruce Sherman, including 14 other investors one of them being Michael Jordan won the bid for the Miami team with a cool crisp $1.2 Billion. The deal will not become official until it receives approval from the MLB next week, MLB officials are said to be discussing the deal next week at owners meeting in Chicago but believe that the sale won’t officially become final until the first week of October.

The MLB should be eating this up. This is massive for baseball, not only do they get to bring back into the fold a massive name like Derek Jeter, but they also get the curmudgeon that is Jeffrey Loria out of the fold, hopefully with this the Marlins can keep building and get to a point where baseball can be booming in that incredible Miami Market.