Day: September 17, 2017

Jay Cutler is 1-0

Cannot wait until Jay Cutler is 1-0 and the Bears are 0-2 — B-Frank (@bfranklin1993) September 17, 2017 This tweet aged like a fine wine as it was a big day for the Jay Cutler fans. The Phins open up the year with a road win at the Chargers and Jay played a solid game in his Miami debut. Cutty went 24-33 for 230 yards 1 TD and ZERO INTERCEPTIONS. Oh, and he had a QBR of 101.8. I’ve said it many, many times, but Jay Cutler should still be starting in Chicago. And honestly, while I believe he...

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Why the Bears will shock the world vs. the over hyped, Hard Knocks Featured Bucs

The Bears were one catch away from upsetting the former NFC champs last weekend at Soldier Field. Murdering Mike Glennon led the boys to the promised land, but they just couldn’t capitalize. Sure, the Bears offense looked brutal most of the day, but there were some bright spots. Tarik “Could he go all the way” Cohen led the Bears in both rushing and receiving. Their defense bottled up the high powered Falcons offense for most of the day. And of course, Murdering Mike put them in a spot to win the game. The sole reason the Atlanta Birds of...

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