Why the Bears will shock the world vs. the over hyped, Hard Knocks Featured Bucs3 min read

Why the Bears will shock the world vs. the over hyped, Hard Knocks Featured Bucs<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

The Bears were one catch away from upsetting the former NFC champs last weekend at Soldier Field. Murdering Mike Glennon led the boys to the promised land, but they just couldn’t capitalize.

From Sports Illustrated

Sure, the Bears offense looked brutal most of the day, but there were some bright spots. Tarik “Could he go all the way” Cohen led the Bears in both rushing and receiving. Their defense bottled up the high powered Falcons offense for most of the day. And of course, Murdering Mike put them in a spot to win the game.

The sole reason the Atlanta Birds of Prey won was due to a blown coverage and some TERRIBLE tackling as Austin “Super” Hooper scored a flukey 88 yard TD. Before the year I promised myself I wouldn’t buy into the Bears hype locomotive, but I already broke this promise. The Bears are back. The defense is looking strong and … well I can’t think of that many other positives, but they exceeded my expectations week one. Next up is the Tampa Bay Pirates.

The Bucs were the featured team on HBO’s Hard Knocks this year. This had to have been a HUGE distraction and led to many Bucs players getting over drafted in fantasy football drafts. The main thing I learned from watching Hard Knocks: Jameis “Crab Legs” Winston is the man. He has a

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commanding presence in the locker room as well as the tools to truly breakout this year, but not this week. The Bucs are 7 point favorites. Vegas loves them, America loves them, but I hate them. This is their first game. The team is undoubtedly shooken up because of Hurricane Irma and they are going to get a 110% effort from a merciless Bear team.

My Prediction: Bears 24 – Bucs 17

Jordan “Is Better Than Lebron” Howard is going to rush for 120 yards with a TD. Murdering Mike is going to throw for 230 yards with 2 TDs and a pick. Zach “I would hate to meet you in a dark alley” Miller is going to catch 6 balls for 60 yards and a TD. The Bears D is going to keep famous Jameis in check and the Bucs offense will never get rolling. Both Hard Knocks enthusiasts and Florida Pirates fans will leave this one disappointed,, folks.

*** Here is a more unbiased/realistic game day prediction by die hard Bear fan and Region native, Alex “All I do is win” Abney*** This is an exclusive Bears write up ONLY available on Let Me B-Frank!!!

I would love to come on here and say the Bears are going to upset the Bucs this week. Sadly, I don’t think this is going to happen. This isn’t the same lowly Bucs team we’ve seen since the early 2000’s (since 2001 the bears are 7-4 against them). The Bucs have since found their franchise QB, a pair of dominating receivers in DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans, and a formidable defense to boot. On the other hand, the Bears have a strong pair of running backs, solid offensive line, and an underrated defensive front 7 (albeit the latest injury to Jerrell Freeman hurts).

At the end of the day the injury riddled Bears won’t have what it takes to overcome Glennon’s former team. I believe the Bucs secondary will be able to cover the Chicago receivers without help over the top, and will stack the box against Cohen/Howard (if Howard suits up). Although, the Bears will be 0-2 I think they come out 2-0 against the spread. I got the Bucs 24-20 in a game that isn’t as close as the score suggests.

Abney Fever Forecast: Mike Glennon: 18/30, 60% completion, 185 Yards, 1 TD, 1 Int, 1 Fumble Jameis Winston: 26/38, 68% Completion, 350 Yards, 2 Passing TD, 1 Rushing TD

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