NFL DraftKings Week 3 Lineup3 min read

NFL DraftKings Week 3 Lineup<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

Last week’s lineup (NFL Week 2 DraftKings Lineup) crushed, netting a nice 150 points and most likely cashing regardless of what Tournament you played. Here’s what we got Week 3

QB- Kirk Cousins (6,100)

Fading the top QB’s this week, as I have the first 2 weeks. The NFL has a small elite that hogs ownerships %’s, but there are still winners in that middle sector. This week, Cousins gets the SNF game at home against a Raiders D that can give points up in the air. I’m expecting a high scoring affair and 300 yards and 2 scores for Kirk on Sunday Night. And we got a stack coming that should have a real low correlation. A tournament special.

RB- Christian McCaffrey (6,100)

Cam Newton’s safety valve is gone, which means its time for someone to step up and replace him. Ed Dickson? Doubt it. Instead, I’m backing on Christian McCaffrey taking advantage of a terrible Saints LB core and putting up 5 receptions and a score as a pass catcher, and another 50 yards on the ground.

RB- Devonta Freeman (6,700)

Devonta Freeman is going to get the ball a lot, he is going to get the ball at the Goal Line, and the Falcons are going to move the ball. He is only 6,700. This is just like Fournette last week, he is just too much value for 6,700.

WR- A.J Green (8,100)

A.J Green hasn’t done much the first 2 weeks. Andy Dalton has looked quite awful. The Bengals have yet to score a TD. They fired their OC. Sounds like a lot of reasons to avoid a WR priced at 8,100, right? Not so fast! I see a new OC on the road vs. an attacking Packers defense that can really score, and see the opportunity for the Green to be targeted as a safety valve all day long. You can’t keep a talent like this down if he is getting forced the ball all night, and thats what I think the Bengals do in getting “back to basics”. A.J Green, WR1 this week.

WR- Terrelle Pryor Sr. (5,900)

Cousins stack! Pryor hasn’t done much through Week 2, but Cousins is throwing the ball his way and the Raiders have nobody to lock him down. The roof comes off this week, and Pryor snares his first TD along with 80+ yards. For a combined 12,000 this is my absolute favorite stack.

WR- Devin Funchess (4,200)

Ed Dickson isn’t stepping up in Greg Olsen’s absence, because its going to be big WR Devin Funchess. Look what Gronk did last week lined up on the outside against the Saints, and give Devin Funchess 1/2 that. For 4,200, I’m all in.

TE- Zach Ertz (5,000)

Ertz-Wentz is one of premier TE-QB combo’s in the league at this point, and he is a steal for 5,000. The Giants didn’t do a good job against Jason Witten week 1, and they didn’t do any better against Eric Ebron week 2. Ertz is finding the end zone Sunday.

Flex- Chris Thompson (4,500)

Cousins-Pryor-Thomspon stack, completed. Chris Thompson emerged with a monster game last week, but is still priced down at 4,500. I am a believer. With Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin bearing down on the QB all night, the Redskins are going to need to find the dump off guy, and that guy is Thompson.

D/ST- Steelers (3,400)

The Bears stink, Mike Glennon stinks, they have no WR’s, Jordan Howard is banged up, and the Steelers are going to come after that football. Sign me up.


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