Day: September 25, 2017

This Week in Sports: September 25th

Tuesday, September 26th Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals The Cubs are looking to clinch the NL Central at rival St. Louis AND have a chance to bury the Cardinals playoff hopes altogether. Can Carlos Martinez out-duel Jake Arrieta in a crucial match-up for the Redbirds? Wednesday, September 27th Miami Marlins at Colorado Rockies Colorado comes into the week with a slight lead for the 2nd NL Wildcard spot and will need both Milwaukee and St. Louis to falter. Fortunately, they have the benefit of playing at home against a decent at best Marlins team. Pitching will be the...

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I Threw Up in My Mouth Reading the Bulls Roster

Get the fuck out of here with that Roster. That is not an NBA team playing in the biggest basketball market in the country. I’m not joking the most noteworthy player is Zach Lavine, and people only care about him because he can do this And he is coming off a torn ACL! The best “non-injured more dunker than player” player is probably Robin Lopez? Nikola Mirotic? These dudes are the guys you put on promotional calendars and “See Red” Highway Boards!!!! Bored on a Late February evening? Well come pay $40 for upper deck seats and $20 for...

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Andrelton Simmons is Baseball Royalty

He did it again (This Andrelton Simmons play is blowing my mind) I present without comment, Andrelton Simmons, back on his bullshit. Andrelton Simmons is a defensive delight. Look at the deke cutoff! — Dave Lozo (@davelozo) September 25, 2017 Let’s take a closer look at this play As mentioned, in the tweet, he successfully dekes a runner into thinking he is letting a throw through to 3rd, only to cut it off. Get the fuck out of here with that creativity and smarts. (Notice where his back is facing!) He then catches the cutoff and effortlessly turns...

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Illinois College of Law Softball Week 1

It is that time of year again, as the future lawyers of America square off weekly the only way we know how…. Softball. The Illinois College of Law Softball League began last Friday and LMBF was on the scene to get a close look at the action…and intense debates with the umpires. The following is a recap of week 1 and a look ahead to week 2. Scores Pleading the Bottom of a Fifth defeats Athletic Malpractice 16-4 In a less than spectacular matchup, the far more experienced 2L team had their way with the newcomers. Torts Illustrated defeats LitiGators 18-6 Don’t...

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