Dwyane Wade Signs One Year Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers1 min read

Dwyane Wade Signs One Year Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

Not one, not…wait, yea just one. Dwyane Wade has officially signed a one-year, 2.3 million dollar deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, rejoining Lebron James for the upcoming season. This will be Wade’s first time playing with James since he returned to Cleveland. Wade recently spent past year with the Chicago Bulls.

This was a given. I think the most surprising thing out of this is that the Bulls paid him 50 MILLION DOLLARS for one season!!! He is getting 2.3 from Cleveland. Unbelievable. Shows how much disrespect players have around the league for Chicago and their front office if they are willing to get paid 25 times less to play for a different team. While Wade had a decent season last year, I just think he is too old to bring any legitimate change to that team in regards to themĀ actually winning a championship next year.

With all the moves that have been made this offseason, this upcoming season is going to be one for the BOOKS.

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