I HATE the fact that the Yankees are now an Underdog Story3 min read

I HATE the fact that the Yankees are now an Underdog Story<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

As everyone probably already knows, The New York Yankees are heading to the ALCS. No, they didn’t have to beat the Twins in the ALDS like they always used to. Well I guess they had to beat them in the Wild Card game, but these New York Yankees beat the defending AL Champ Cleveland Indians (my World Series pick) in pretty dramatic fashion. Coming back down 2-0 to arguably a better team than the one that was essentially 1 out away from being the World Series Champs last year. Now these aren’t your grandfather’s Yankees, these aren’t even your father’s Yankees. This team isn’t even supposed to be here. This was supposed to be the year before the year. The year they start playing good ball, get everyone meshing and then BAM, bring in a huge star like Machado or Harper in 2018/2019 and then the World Series run. I mean hell, New York was calling for Joe Girardi’s head after Game 2!

I mean this has to be the most insufferable thing in the world, right?

I’ve grown up my whole life with two constants. The first one, loving baseball with all my heart, and the second, hating the Yankees with greater to equal passion as the first. That’s the dilemma I’m in here. When you step back as a baseball fan, admiring what this Yankees team is doing is just so easy. Whether it be Didi Gregorious channeling the legend he replaced, or CC Sabathia having a late career renaissance. This team has me stuck. I want to marvel at what they are doing, I just simply cannot. My pride is too strong, I hate watch Joe Girardi, Brian Cashman is sneaky my idol, and I still just cannot let myself enjoy them.

The New York Yankees are in the freaking ALCS, they are 1 good series away from their 65th Pennant, and if they do get there, it’s going to be considered an underdog story. This is blasphemous, can’t believe I’m even writing these words. What I know I know, for a fact, is that I will be THE BIGGEST Astros bandwagon rider in this series. I’ve thrown all my capital into Jose Altuve stock, I’m riding all 5’5” of him all the way to the AL Pennant. There will be no chance in hell, that I’ll be able to admit that the Yankees getting to the world series is a good story. Don’t let me get there. I’ll be locked in on this series, hate watching the hell out of it. All aboard the Springer Train! Give me Keuchel, Give me Verlander, Give me Brad Peacock pitching a gem in Game 3, give me Charlie Morton going 7 innings of shutout ball in Game 4, I need it. Aaron Judge, I need 15 more strikeouts this series, Sonny is going to shit the bed again, it’s all going to happen, no reverse jinx here.  Take that Brett Gardner, and all of your unwritten rules, and go stick it up your ass. Astros in 5, let’s ride.


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