Roger Goodell’s Wife Used a Fake Twitter Account To Defend Her Husband1 min read

Roger Goodell’s Wife Used a Fake Twitter Account To Defend Her Husband<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

It was reported by the Wall Street Journal┬áthat Goodell’s wife used an “incognito” account to defend her husband against media outlets throughout this offseason and start of the season. She owned up to it and has since deleted the account, saying it was foolish and that the next time she defends him it will not be on Twitter. She did this out of love and because she was a former Fox News reporter and the entire story wasn’t being told. The account was under the handle @forargument, with the name “Jones smith”, it had no followers and no avatar.

I absolutely love this move from Jane Skinner Goodell, Roger’s wife. This is the definition of ride or die and in 2017, what more can a person ask for? Getting bashed online is not an easy thing to handle, but sitting idly by as it is happening to a loved one is even more difficult. Twitter/internet are the World’s greatest investigators and I’m absolutely stunned that an account so obviously wasn’t uncovered earlier. Especially given that this summer has been that of the burner accounts. Goodell is arguably the most criticized man in America, outside of the President, and I have absolutely no problem with his wife sticking up for her man. Love is still alive, folks, look no further than the NFL commish.


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