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Tonight’s The Night<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

So that Grand Slam last night sucked.

But today is a new day, Game 5 tonight.

Not about to get on my Stool Frederic soapbox, but LETS FREAKING GO!

They may have momentum, but we have the stopper. The Professor is ready to go tonight, they have both Gio and Roark ready to go, I like our chances.

Kyle went 7 innings of 2 hit ball in Game 1, he’s here to open and shut this series and I love our odds of that.

We need to throw out the result in Game 4, wake up the bats, get Tony’s clutch bat going again, get KB’s bat going in general, and why not just through a crooked number on the board so everyone can relax?

Willson gets a big hit tonight, Addi breaks out of his shell for a big RBI tonight, Jon Jay has a great game. I can just feel it, tonight is our night.

Bryce ain’t got shit, Rendon ain’t got shit, and Michael Taylor for sure doesn’t have shit! He blew his load last night, Nats scored way too many runs last night and I know for a fact that is going to come back and bite them.

This is the irrational confidence blog, the extremely specific prediction blog, but Game 5 is going to turn out the way we all want it to. I’m going to will it into existence. Fly The Freaking W!

Let’s Ride! Cubs in 5!

PS Here are a bunch of pictures of The Cubs winning to get everyone ready for tonight.

Go Cubs Go


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