List of the Best Ogres and Dwarfs2 min read

List of the Best Ogres and Dwarfs<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

In honor of the Astros vs. Yankees ALCS matchup and the inevitable Aaron Judge-Jose Altuve comparisons, I’m putting together a list of the best big guy-little guy combos in every major sport. Always remember friends, whether you’re pushing 5 ft 5 and have drawn comparisons to Oompa-Loompa Timmy your whole life or you’re 350 and none of your belts fit, you are all God’s children and Jesus loves you.


  1. 5 ft 6, 190 lbs Darren Sproles and 6 ft 4, 340 lbs Marcus Peters. 
  2. Ted Washington and well, just about anybody. Back in his playing days, Big Ted was generously listed at 6 ft 5, 375 lbs. For comparisons sake, here’s a pic of the Goliath next to Warren Sapp. 
  3. 6 ft 8, 350 lbs Bryant McKinnie and 5 ft 8, 210 lbs Ray Rice. McKinnie is a human specimen the world has not witnessed very often. Unfortunately, he was never able to put down that last drumstick as weight issues plagued him most of his career. 


  1. 7 ft 6, 310 lb Yao Ming and 5 ft 3, 140 lbs Muggsy Bogues. I had to have a pic of Yao as #1 here. The Great Wall of China is the tallest, good player the NBA has ever seen. Mugsy is a certified midget in 42/50 states. Awesome comparison. 
  2. 7 ft 7, 300 lb Georghe Muresan and The Greatest Player of All Time. Now I’m not calling MJ small by any means, just calling Georghe what he is, a giant. With that size of beak how can you deny the resemblance between him and Wun Wun from GOT?



3. 5 ft 9 Nate Robinson and 7 ft 1 Shaq. I absolutely loved watching Nate play when he was on the   Bulls. There are definitely shorter guys out there but I just had to include him in this list.Image result for nate robinson next to tall guy

MLB (this is taking too damn long looking up all their heights and weights so you’re just getting pictures)

  1. No idea who this guy is but DEAR LORD is he short. Probably not even in the majors.Image result for smalles players in mlb
  2. Oh my God, this guy is absolutely MASSIVE. Again, probably never made it to the majors.
  3. I think this is an edited picture of CC Sabathia. That’s a helluva gut.Image result for fattest player in mlb history


That’s it folks. Hockey/soccer/lax are not major sports in my eyes. Sorry haters.









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