With a week 3 rainout the future lawyers of America were eager to get back on the field and the competition was nothing short of excellent.



Pro Bono Bombers defeat Athletic Malpractice 14-13

  • Someone had to get in the win column this week. It was only fitting that it was extremely close.

Torts Illustrated defeats The Attractive Nuisances 14-10

  •  Close until the very end, Torts gets it done. Both teams agreed, a rematch in the championship would be ideal.

Still 1L of a Team defeats B3 Bashers 18-0

  • Nothing to see here folks. Just a 3L team taking care of business… move along

LitiGators defeat Pleading the Bottom of a Fifth 28-8

  • The Litigators offense ignited. Their fearless leader (pictured below) can not only throw heaters off the mound but crush them as he rounds the bases.

Still 1L of a Team defeats Ball and Order 16-12

  • Only speculating, but it is looking like the brown jerseys are getting burned after a second-round exit this year

Attractive Nuisances defeat Big Lawyer Brand 8-2

  • Quick to recover, The Attractive Nuisances quickly send the BLB bros to the mat with their first loss of the season. (game footage below)

Torts Illustrated defeats B3 Bashers 16-0

  • The mercy rules were invented for matchups like this one

Not My Precedent defeats Hughes, Jahnke, Wang and Assoc. 7-6

  • Ugly win for the defending champs but a win nonetheless. Many wonder what will happen when they play a team with a positive run differential.



  1. Torts Illustrated                                    5-0 (+68)
  2. Not My Precedent                                3-0 (+5)
  3. Big Lawyer Brand                                  3-1 (+32)
  4. The Attractive Nuisances                      3-1 (+19)
  5. Still 1L of a Team                                  3-2 ( +28)
  6. Ball and Order                                      2-2 ( +26)
  7. Pleading the Bottom of a 5th              2-2 (-11)
  8. LitiGators                                              1-2 (-7)
  9. Pro Bono Bombers                               1-2  (-18)
  10. Hughes, Jahnke Wang and Assoc.        1-3 (-17)
  11. Athletic Malpractice                               0-4 (-41)
  12. B3 Bashers                                             0-5 (-83)

Game to Watch Next Week

Torts Illustrated vs. Not My Precedent

  • The championship rematch we have all been waiting for.