The Cubs grinded out a W on Wednesday night, with Chicago beating the Dodgers 3-2 in an exhilarating and suspense-filled Game 4. Javy Baez hit two home runs in addition to a Willson Contreras solo shot, with Jake Arrieta going 6.2 innings with 9 strikeouts in what is almost certainly his last start at Wrigley Field as a Chicago Cub.

Could’ve easily been a heartbreaking, season ending loss for the Cubs. Luckily they got just enough offense in addition to a solid outing by Jake to get the W. I was at the game, and there was definitely an aura in Wrigley of knowing that it could’ve been the last game of the season. However, this quickly changed into one of the most electric atmospheres I have ever been apart of when home plate umpire Jim Wolf overturned a called strike three on Curtis Granderson claiming that he foul-tipped the ball. This resulted in Joe Maddon and 40,000 Cubs fans going BALLISTIC on the umpires:

Granderson still struck out on the next pitch, but it had the potential of being complete nightmare-fuel if he managed to get a hit after that. Maddon was not done with the scrutiny after the Cubs won the game:

In the end, Jake and Javy had a hell of a game, Wade was able to get it done (Turner home run was scary though), and the Cubs managed to live to fight another day as they are set to face the Dodgers one more time at Wrigley tonight. Gonna be a good one.