As I sit here watching the Cubs fight for their lives, I cannot get the thought of Jim Lahey out of my mind. John Dunsworth passed away earlier this week, and the disgraced Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisor that he played on TV went with him. Jim Lahey has consumed his last drinky-poo, but the laugh boxes he tickled will vibrate for years and years to come.

Mr. Lahey wasn’t just a wacky TV-show character, he was a cultural icon. John F. Dunsworth didn’t drink, but he played an estranged alcoholic more effectively than any Trailer Park Boys fan could have asked for. As I sip on some cheap Canadian liquor – just the type that Jim Lahey drank in droves – I reminisce on all the hearty laughs that Mr. Lahey brought out of my friends and I.

Without further ado, here’s my ode to Jim Lahey.

Sunnyvale won't shine quite as bright,
 without you stumbling around in the night. 
Foiling plans and busting degenerates, 
rubbing down Randy and harassing trailer park tenets.

A Canadian trailer park was your place of employment, 
it is there where you thrived, to all of our enjoyment. 
You dicked with Ricky and you tussled with Bubbles, 
But it was Julian that caused you the most trouble. 

You've been gone for a few days, and my sorrow belated, 
The number of sayings you snuck 'shit' into is wildly creative.
We laughed and pointed as Lahey's life fell apart, 
but now in your absence there's hurt in our hearts.
You enjoyed plenty of liquor and had no shortage of evidence,
In the world of trailer park supervisors, you set the precedent. 
Trailer Park Boys currently sits at 11 entertaining seasons, 
Jim Lahey's antics kept us coming back for countless reasons. 

From feuding with Barb to insulting Trinity, 
Your memorable moments number no less than infinity.
At least you had Randy, a companion and not-so-secret lover.
It was either courage or stupidity as to why you never ran for cover.

Without Jim Lahey at the helm, the park will surely suffer.
Randy Bo-Bandy's belly was a burly buffer.
Where cheeseburgers, hot dogs, or pie was housed,
When he was shirtless, you got aroused. 

I won't get too in to many intimate details, 
But he had your back whenever your keys failed.
Jim Lahey and Randy, deniers of the status quo.
I dare you to name a more iconic duo. 

I'll wait.