*I guess Spoilers ahead*

Steve Harrington has probably had the greatest 180 in TV history, as he starts out season 1 as the antagonist and by the end of season 2 he is without a doubt the most likable character in the show. Which brings me to the point of this blog… Steve Harrington got absolutely CUCKED in Season 2 for no damn reason.

So we check back in at Season 2 with Nancy and Steve dating, and basically their only conflict point is Steve is trying to leave Barb’s death in the past and Nancy is trying to just let it ruin her life instead, because thats more honorable or something? Steve then offers up some killer speech about being young and dumb and they go to a Halloween Party. At said Party, Nancy gets absolutely trashed and Steve, being a newly mature and solid dude, takes her drink away from her and tells her to slow down (she literally ends up getting dragged out of this party totally blacked, so Steve is clearly in the right here). However, drunk ass Nancy fights back and the drink spills and then they go to the bathroom where Nancy just spews at Steve and tells him she doesn’t love him. Steve just takes this, gets sad, and leaves. AND THATS THE BREAKUP!

An aside, theres also an earlier scene I didn’t mention where Steve is getting help on his college essay using some super cliche Sports-War metaphor and he tells Nancy screw college, he would rather stay home work for his dad and be able to stay with her for her Senior Year. The guy is an A+++ boyfriend.

Anyways, the show moves on with Steve and Nancy now “split” I guess and Nancy just runs off with Will Byers older brother who’s name is escaping me he’s kinda forgettable and they spend the night at some 80’s porn directors house and get wasted with him (Will’s brother dude is supposed to then drive home after drink, so he is irresponsible as fuck, unlike Steve). This creepy 80’s porn director dude who is only wearing a robe then just drunkenly asserts Nancy is playing it safe with “Steve” and really on “Likes” him not “Loves him”. Once scene later Byers Sr. and Nancy are just fucking at this dudes house and they are now in love I guess. Even though they have like ZERO interactions before this since she got back together with Steve. Oh, and wheres the homie Steve Harrington during all this?

Well, we find him bringing Nancy ROSES so he can apologize to her for….. Seriously, he has nothing to apologize for. He just wants her back that bad. What a guy! In the midst of doing this, he runs into dumbass Dustin, who he then helps/babysits for the ENTIRE REST OF THE SHOW. While Nancy is out just moving on with her life, Steve is protecting 4 damn kids, taking on these DemaDogs left and right, and even giving out secrets to his great hair/love life. And not once does he flirt with another girl or anything, he literally just saves/babysits a bunch of 8th graders. Oh and he gets his faced kicked in by Max’s weird California-Punk rock brother like a hero. Steve Harrington S2 Stranger Things is like an unlock able character in a Video Game, and somehow Nancy just up and leaves him?

Steve, the romantic

Steve, the badass

Steve, the friggin HERO who just puts his life on the line for these 4 random kids who are in no way related to him, in fact the only reason he even knows them is one of their friends who isn’t even there’s Sister drunkenly dumped him. 

AND THEN THEY REALLY JUST CRUSH IT HOME IN THE FINALE, when Steve gives that stupid idiot Dustin dope hair advice, and even DRIVES HIM TO THE DANCE! They have literally no relation he’s just being a super great friend. And who does he see there? Nancy, looking all spiffy. I myself was absolutely pumped for Steve to throw on the charm and go in there and win her heart, but no, instead he just drives away, we see her and weirdo older brother Byers share a nice smile, and then NANCY ENDS THE NIGHT DANCING WITH DAMN DUSTIN. Please tell me there is some kind of symbolism or metaphor I am missing here? Outrageous Disrespect by the directors to do Steve Harrington dirty like that. I hope he goes on to college (Dare I say IU) and just runs a fraternity for 4 years. Steve Harrington is the man, and the fact he loses out on Nancy Wheeler over her just being a drunken mess is a complete crime and I’ll never forgive Stranger Things Season 2 for that.


P.S: Entirely unrelated, but what the hell was Max’s brother? He was a beach boy Californian, except instead of weed he just chain smoked cigs and lifted weights, listened to like death metal, was super racist (literally any other small-town Indiana character woulda made more sense as the racist) and had some super dark backstory about his dad beating him, which they just gave the slightest glance to at the end of the season. What purpose did he serve? I’m not even sure the season really needed Max at all, but it definitely didn’t need her Rob Lowe looking Tommy Boy villain brother. He added literally nothing. At the start I thought his thing was going to be stealing Nancy, but he was more of the mom type. Then I figured he was going to pull a Steve Harrington and end up being super redeemable and saving the day at the end, but not at all. So we got left with him just beating Steve up and his sister drugging him and then using the same abusive tactics his Dad uses on him? Jesus Christ what is the point of any of that. This show is in no way different if you cut every single one of his scenes tomorrow.

So in summation Stranger Things 2 was really damn good but Jesus Christ they could not have screwed up the storylines for the two Teenage boys anymore if they tried. Just an absolutely ridiculous plot for Steve and California dude.