Baltimore Ravens Bye Week Report2 min read

Baltimore Ravens Bye Week Report<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

With 9 weeks in the books, we have seen enough data and enough of an eye-test to know who the best teams are in the NFL. The Ravens, as this point, are not even close to being one of them. By loading up on defense in the offseason with almost exclusively drafting defensive players, giving Brandon Williams $50+ million, and Tony Jefferson $30+ million there was an immense amount of hype about being dominant on that side of the ball. While they haven’t been dominant, they have played well enough to win games week in and week out. This leads me to an extremely cold take: the Ravens offense looks like it drinks on Sunday mornings more than the Bills Mafia combined.

In my opinion, the biggest reason for the Ravens entire offense look like they are surrounded by Demogorgons at all times is because of their offensive line and Joe Flacco. When Alex Lewis, a very promising young guard who worked well with Stanley, went on IR before the preseason even started it was the beginning of the end. Once Marshal Yanda broke his leg in half and then walked off the field showing that pure Iowa grit, the season was in YUGE trouble. He is the Ravens best player every year (#sad) and Flacco lost all confidence in the line keeping him from being in a wheelchair at the end of the year when he went out. Flacco has been on the way down since he hit the lottery after the Super Bowl, but now he is a basket case mentally. The worst part is that the Ravens offensive line hasn’t even been bad this year! Our quarterback has a serious case of noodle legs seeing the ghost of Boller past when he drops back and needs to grow a pair after the bye. With Alex Collins averaging over 5 yards per carry and receivers like Maclin and Wallace, old Marty needs to pound the rock and use play action to get Flacco out of the pocket for easy throws. With a good ground game, hitting big plays, good special teams and great defense, the Ravens can make a run as they did in 2012.

The X-factor grit master Danny Woodhead is coming back after the bye and he is a big reason why I think the offense will get healthy and come out firing after the bye. My prediction for the rest of the season is 9-7 which means they have to win 5 of their last 7. Here is why I think they have a great chance to do so: Hundley, Savage, Brissett, Kizer, Dalton. The Steelers already beat us once and let’s be honest, they will beat us again even though we always tend to play them well. The playoff birth may come down to beating Stafford and the Lions, who are beatable since they can look great and atrocious on any given week.


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