The big MLB news of the day is the Braves surrendering the rights to 6 big IFA signings from 2016, the headliner being SS/3B Kevin Maitan. Maitan is a 17 year old from Venezuela who was called “the next Miguel Cabrera” and handed a fat $4.25 Million Dollar Bonus in 2016. Now, he’s a free agent. The big question for the White Sox is wether the supremely talented Maitan, who was recently rated the Braves #9 prospect by Baseball America as a 17 year old, will be deemed an International Free Agent, or just a regular Free Agent. If he’s a international Free Agent the White Sox stand little chance, as Maitan will surely get more then the maximum 300,000 the Sox can offer any one free agent after going well over their bonus pool to sign Luis Robert last year. If he is a regular Free Agent, it will be very interesting to see how aggressively Rick Hahn pursues a possible 17 year old 3B who could slide in the obvious opening for “Future White Sox” lineups. With a projected miniscule budget and no real FA targets for 2017, the White Sox would be in an optimal spot to make a big play for Maitan. And hey, even if he is deemed an IFA, teams making moves to acquire larger INTL Bonus Pools will be looking to let the White Sox pay for their prospects, just like they did when theĀ White Sox acquire Thyago Veiria from Mariners for INTL Bonus Pool Money. All around the Braves loss is the White Sox gain.