Earlier this year I did an evaluation of the Western Conference’s draft picks from the most recent NBA Draft. Admittedly I was not that impressed with the Utah Jazz, their first pick of Louisville’s Donovan Mitchell in particular.

Admittedly I was a little nervous after Mitchell had a pretty solid Summer League, but was not expecting the start that Mitchell has had during his rookie year so far.

The peak of Mitchell’s NBA success so far came 2 days ago when he scored a career-high and Utah Jazz rookie record 41 points against New Orleans. Mitchell added 4 assists and 4 rebounds to an already outstanding scoring night for him.

Mitchell looks powerful, quick, and mature, which is pretty remarkable coming from a rookie in a now extremely difficult NBA climate. I am able to say that I may have been wrong about this pick. The dude can flat out ball. The Jazz are at a disadvantage coming out of the stacked Western Conference, but if the Jazz are able to acquire a couple more pieces in the coming years, they might have a chance to be a solid playoff team moving forward.