Some people are saying its a tough time to be a Big Baller, Lonzo sucks, LiAngelo is a criminal, LaMelo is HS Dropout, blah blah blah. Well folks, Mike Trout was bad in his MLB debut, LeBron James was bought an illegal car, and Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, so were fine. Supreme leader Lavar is busy taking down the damn President of the United States, but still has time to bring Big Balling to Eastern Europe. Thats right, rumors have it California’s most popular teen and the thief himself are heading to the land of communism, gray skys and cold weather. Season 3 of Jersey Shore left location and hit the streets of Italy, so I see no reason Ball in the Family shouldn’t pick up where they left off and send Season 3 overseas to Lithuania.

As for Lietkabelis, this here is a no brainer. A scrawny 16 year old who’s just hitting puberty and launches off balance 3’s and a mid major stretch 4 joining a team of Eastern European Professionals? No Brainer. Get your bets in now and hammer that Lietkabelis OVER, this team is going to transform European Basketball this winter before Gelo goes to the Lakers in the 2nd round in one of the all time Draft Day robberies. Great day to be a Big Ballers