Been about a week or so since we’ve reviewed the carousel, and boy does this thing just keep on spinning. Before we get going on that, a couple things about the Playoff and the committee’s decision.

  • They absolutely, 100% got it right. There was never a scenario in my eyes that OSU was getting in over Alabama. Unfortunately for the Buckeyes, you can’t go to Iowa City and get the doors blown off, just too much for the committee to see past.
  • Georgia vs Baker Mayfield is going to be awesome, but World War III at the Sugar Bowl will be incredible. There’s something to be said about the rivalry games where the two coaches and teams absolutely hate each other, but there’s also something about two guys who just respect the hell out of each other going at it. Dabo vs Saban has never let us down, and I don’t think it’s going to start on New Years Day.

Ok, let’s get in to the coaching carousel.

Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M

Think about where Florida State was a couple months ago. Coming in to the season ranked #3 overall, playing Alabama week 1, and then Deondre Francois gets hurt. Now the Noles are without their QB, without their coach, and are playing in the Independence Bowl trying to play for a winning season. Crazy how quickly things change in this sport.

Anyway, a lot of people asking why Jimbo would leave for College Station. I’ll give you 75 million reasons why…

Live look in at Jimbo

donald duck money GIF

Yes, there’s also that SEC draw and A&M is as passionate about football as anyone in the country. Remember, Kevin Sumlin got fired for going 51-26, that should tell you what kind of expectations they have for themselves. When you want big time results, you spend big time money. You lay it all on table and push your chips all in, that’s what A&M did and I applaud them for it.

Another thing that ESPN and FS1 won’t tell you, Jimbo Fisher went through a brutal divorce with his wife. The word on the street is that she was sleeping with a former Florida Gators player, and I guess the divorce got ugly. Makes sense as to why Jimbo would want to get out of Tallahassee, and what better place to go than a stadium where everyone makes out when they score?! I should make you subscribe for that kind of insider info. That’s the LMBF difference.

Herm Edwards to Arizona State

This is quietly the most absurd hire in the history of College Football. Here is what we know about Herm Edwards

  • Has not coached a Football game since 2008
  • His College coaching experience includes the following
    • Defensive Backs Coach at San Jose State from 1987-1989
  • He was 20 games below .500 as a coach in the NFL


The craziest part about this is that Arizona State’s AD and the board sat around a table and was like, “You know what, Herm Edwards is our guy.” Oh my god this is the worst hire of all time and I can’t get enough of it. Do you know how funny it is going to be to watch Herman Edwards try and coach college football? I genuinely feel for all of the Arizona State players. It is going to be 2:30 AM on a Saturday night and Herm is going to be standing outside of the Alpha Phi house just hawking down his players. Like those kids lives are effectively over with. Herm Edwards is basically going to be our west coast Coach O. Like I don’t think Herm is going to watch film on any opponents at all. He’s just going to feed his players life lessons and motivational speeches every day and hope that turns in to wins. I am so excited to watch Herm Edwards. I’m going to guess he gets fired after 2 years for going about 6-18, but we are in for a lot of entertainment.

Here’s some quality Herm at the introductory press conference. Guy does not even know the school’s mascot.

Scott Frost – Nebraska

Scott Frost is College Football’s equivalent to John Snow. I think every football guy on the planet wants to be Scott Frost. He just has that quality about him where if he says one word you are ready to follow him through the gates of hell. What an absolute monster hire for Nebraska. Frost took Central Florida from 0-12 to 12-0 in two years, I don’t think people understand how difficult that is. If you don’t know anything about Scott Frost, know this: Scott Frost likes to put points on the scoreboard. Sweet Jesus this man wants to hang 50 on you every single Saturday. I don’t think I have ever been behind an up and coming coach like I am with Scott Frost, and I am telling you that Nebraska will be playing for a B1G Championship in the next three years. Get on the bandwagon while you still can


Gus Malzahn – Auburn

The Gus Bus is staying parked on the Plains ladies and gentlemen. I had Gus going to Arkansas as a lock if he lost to Georgia, but it looks like Auburn’s AD and boosters are pushing the chips all in on Gus, as they should be. Auburn was one game away from pulling off one of the most remarkable months one team has ever had in College Football, but the Tigers just ran out of gas against Georgia. Good for Auburn for inking Malzahn, and now they can finally stop chirping about his job being on the line every Saturday.

Stay tuned for more updates as the next couple of weeks roll on, because there’s still a lot more that has to happen. God Bless