After placing himself on a week-and-a-half long exile from the team, Derrick Rose has reportedly returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The absence, starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, came as a result of a nagging ankle injury that has limited Rose to only 7 of the 23 games of the season so far. Being arguably the most injury-ridden superstar in NBA history, Rose placed himself on a self-imposed exile to ponder his future in the NBA. Rose is reportedly welcomed back with open arms and will continue to rehab his ankle until he is ready to play. There is currently no timetable for his return.

While I do sympathize with Rose a great deal, I think teams should stop putting up with this kind of behavior. He pulled stuff like this all the time in Chicago, and most recently went missing for an entire day, missing a game for the New York Knicks last year. Imagine just not showing up to a job one day and not tell anyone, you’d get fired on the spot almost ten times out of ten.

Of course I see where Rose is coming from. He had one of the most electric seasons in all of sports history and then proceeded to suffer terrible injury after terrible injury. I think Rose has to (and maybe he did) accept the fact that he can’t be nearly the kind of player he once was and play accordingly or not play at all. No fault of his own necessarily, just the reality.